Media Services

Media Services

The goal and mission of the Law school audiovisual department is to provide quick, complete, and professional service to all law school faculty, staff, and students. We endeavor to achieve excellence in fulfilling requests, ingenuity in problem solving, and reliability in support. We are constantly looking for new approaches that are more efficient and more strategic in fulfilling our responsibilities to the law school community. In all that we do we strive to be always courteous, helpful, and constantly seek for ways to improve. To succeed in this mission the law school audiovisual department must be flexible and innovative. In this environment these four guiding principles must prevail.

  • Attention to detail
  • Proactively looking for more ways to help and support Professionalism and respect
  • Innovation and creativity in problem solving

In meeting these objectives the law school audiovisual department is anxious to make its services available to all students, faculty, and staff. We wish to be challenged so that we can prove how earnest we are in fulfilling the tasks set before us. As part of the BYU community we believe that we "can have a strong effect on the course of higher education and will greatly enlarge Brigham Young University's influence in a world we wish to improve" (quoted from BYU's mission statement).

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Services Provided by Media Services

Equipment Request Form
Request equipment, recording and other services.

View law school originated webcast programming

Browse through the audio and video archives.

Tech Room Equipment Instructions
Instructions on how to effectively utilize the TEC podiums in classrooms across campus.

Media Services Instructional Videos

How to Connect Your Laptop to the Podium Computer
How to Use the Wolfvision Document Camera
Download Video
Download Video

Recent Video Recordings

Recent Law School Video Recordings

Other Audio/Visual Resources on Campus

BYU Broadcasting
BYU Broadcasting is a division of Brigham Young University. Broadcast outlets include television, radio and internet services.

BYU's Office of IT
The Office of IT offers a service that will help provide a safer environment when browsing the Internet from the campus intranet. The Web Filtering Proxy prevents access to inappropriate web sites. Access to the Internet from computer labs, public jacks, residence halls, and wireless connections automatically goes through the filtering proxy. The Web Filtering Proxy service is also available to campus departments or individuals.

Learning Resource Center
The Lee Library Learning Resource Center (LRC) exists to maintain and make available to patrons non-print (multimedia) materials and equipment required to use them. Materials collected include compact discs, videos, laser discs, digital video discs (DVD's), audio cassettes, and phonodiscs. Electronic equipment is available for patrons to use these materials for classes, scholarly work, and enjoyment. LRC personnel are trained to assist all patrons -- faculty, staff, students, and others -- to help locate materials and use the listening, viewing, and computer equipment to accomplish their educational goals.

On Campus Scheduling
To schedule rooms in the law school or elsewhere on Campus, call Campus Scheduling at 422-3134.