Reciprocity for Consortium Members

Reciprocity for Consortium Members

To request reciprocity, please contact the school directly using your law school email account and be sure to cc your own career services office.

Your email should say: “My name is ________. I am a (1L, 2L, 3L, graduate) at (Law School name). I am interested in employment in your region and would like access to your services. I have copied my Career Services (include name/title of staff person) on this email. Thank you.”

Arizona State University
Maria Hunter,

Brigham Young University
Corrie Richards,

Jennifer Gill,

Lewis and Clark
Alyssa Warren,

Seattle University
Junsen Ohno,

University of Idaho
Christy Becker,

University to Oregon
Career Center,

University of Utah
Megan Green,

University of Washington
Career Services Secretary,

Bev Ecklund,