BYU Law School News BYU Law School News en-us <![CDATA[ Professor Smith Publishes "Discretion" ]]> May 14, 2013 Download BYU Law Professor Gordon Smith's article, "Discretion," in the Ohio State Law Journal, Vol. 75, 2014. The article is co-authored by recent graduate, Jordan Lee. ]]> <![CDATA[ BYU Law in Top 12 Schools Teaching Law Practice Technology ]]> May 10, 2013 Richard Granat lists BYU Law in top 12 law schools teaching law practice technologies in his eLawyering blog. Granat has been co-chair of the ABA/LPM eLawyering Task Force. ]]> <![CDATA[ Professor Elizabeth Clark on "Converging Challenges to Religious Freedom" ]]> May 8, 2013 The 2013 Religious Freedom Discussion Series continued on May 8 2013 with a lecture by Professor Elizabeth Clark, "Converging Challenges to Religious Freedom." ]]> <![CDATA[ Supreme Court Justice to Graduates: All You Need to Know You Learned in Kindergarten ]]> Apr 29, 2013 Utah Supreme Court Justice Jill N. Parrish urges law graduates to remember important lessons they learned as children. ]]> <![CDATA[ Memories, Lessons and Advice from our 2012 - 2013 Graduates ]]> Apr 25, 2013 Graduates Rachel Snow, Michael Hancock, Stefanie Franc, Karen Dawson and John Kwarm share their favorite moments and lessons from law school and offer advice to those behind them. ]]> <![CDATA[ BYU Law Teaching Fellow Michalyn Steele Publishes ]]> Apr 22, 2013 Download BYU Law Teaching Fellow Michalyn Steele's forthcoming article, "Comparative Institutional Competency and Sovereignty in Indian Affairs." ]]> <![CDATA[ Glance: 2012-2013 ]]> Apr 30, 2013 Glance, an electronic publication, takes a look at the previous school year, highighting a community of students, a place of learning, and a culture of service. ]]> <![CDATA[ SBA: A Focus on Peer Relationships and Service ]]> Apr 18, 2013 Newly elected SBA President, Geidy Achecar, explains her vision for the upcoming year. ]]> <![CDATA[ Students to Present at National Security Symposium ]]> Apr 18, 2013 Two BYU Law Students will present at the Third Decennial Symposium for Latter-day Saint National Security Professionals in D.C. ]]> <![CDATA[ International Exposure Adds to Law School Experience ]]> Mar 27, 2013 International experience adds to depth and perspective to legal education of BYU Law student Christina Champenois. ]]> <![CDATA[ Law Student Wins Second Place at 2013 Grad Expo ]]> Apr 12, 2013 Jed Bigelow(2L) placed 2nd in the 2013 Grad Expo for using Idaho's Retained Jurisdiction program as a model for judicial reform. ]]> <![CDATA[ BYU Law Student published in the Virginia Journal of International Law ]]> Apr 11, 2013 Third-year BYU law student, Collin Allan, discusses his article that was recently accepted for publication by the Virginia Journal of International Law. ]]> <![CDATA[ 2013 Barrister's Ball & Awards Banquet ]]> Apr 10, 2013 Faculty and students were honored at BYU Law School's Annual Barrister's Ball and Awards Banquet. ]]> <![CDATA[ 2012-2013 Public Interest Service Award Winners ]]> Apr 10, 2013 The BYU Law School is pleased to announce the winners of the 2012-2013 Public Interest Service Awards ]]> <![CDATA[ Professor Clifton Fleming Publishes in Florida Tax Review ]]> Apr 2, 2013 Download BYU Law Professor J. Clifton Fleming's article, "Designing a U.S. Exemption System for Foreign Income When the Treasury is Empty," Florida Tax Review, Vol. 13, No. 8. ]]> <![CDATA[ Will it Blend: Innovation and Intellectual Property ]]> Apr 1, 2013 Tom Dickson, founder and inventor of Blendtec, along with Brett and Grant Foster of Holland and Hart, spoke with students about the patent infringement dispute against Vita-Mix. ]]> <![CDATA[ Professor Jensen Publishes in the Michigan Journal of International Law ]]> Mar 28, 2013 Download BYU Law Professor Eric Jensen's forthcoming article, "The Future of the Law of Armed Conflict: Ostriches, Butterflies, and Nanobots," in the Michigan Journal of International Law. ]]> <![CDATA[ BYU Law Teaching Fellow Brook Gotberg Publishes ]]> Mar 28, 2013 Download BYU Law Teaching Fellow Brook Gotberg's forthcoming article, "What Should We Do With Bankruptcy Judges?: A Strategic Approach." ]]> <![CDATA[ Third-Year Students Mentor First-Year Student on Finding a Job ]]> Mar 28, 2013 Graduating students share past law school experience and knowledge to help first-year students prepare for the future in new Pathways Employment Mentoring Program. ]]> <![CDATA[ BYU Law's New SBA Board ]]> Mar 27, 2013 Congratulations to BYU Law School's new Student Bar Association President, Geidy Achecar, and new board members. ]]> <![CDATA[ Professor Wardle quoted in NPR Morning Edition ]]> Mar 27, 2013 BYU Law Professor Lynn Wardle was quoted in NPR Morning Edition, March 26, 2013: Nina Totenberg, "DOMA Challenge Tests Federal Definition of Marriage." ]]> <![CDATA[ Professor David Moore Newly Elected ALI Member ]]> Mar 27, 2013 BYU Law Professor David Moore is a newly elected distinguished member of the American Law Institute. ]]> <![CDATA[ Professor Scharffs Publishes "International Law and the Defamation of Religion Conundrum" ]]> Mar 25, 2013 BYU Law Professor Brett Scharffs publishes significant article, "International Law and the Defamation of Religion Conundrum," in The Review of Faith & International Affairs. ]]> <![CDATA[ Religion and the Rule of Law in Vietnam ]]> Mar 25, 2013 Law and Religion casebook by BYU Law Professors Durham and Scharffs was the core teaching material for first certified training program on Religion and the Rule of Law in Vietnam. ]]> <![CDATA[ Professor Jensen to Publish "Guantanamo and the End of Hostilitites" ]]> Mar 21, 2013 Download BYU Law Professor Eric Jensen's forthcoming article,"Guantanamo and the End of Hostilities." ]]> <![CDATA[ Professor Durham Opens Third Religious Freedom Discussion Series ]]> Mar 21, 2013 BYU Law Professor Cole Durham addressed "Against Free Exercise Reductionism," in the first lecture of the third Religious Freedom Discussion Series. ]]> <![CDATA[ Jess Winn Receives the Shawn Bentley Public Service Award ]]> Mar 15, 2013 BYU law student, Jess Winn (1L), was awarded the Shawn Bentley Public Service Award in recognition of his years of dedication to public interest work. ]]> <![CDATA[ 2013 SBA Talent Show ]]> Mar 15, 2013 The 2013 SBA Talent Show was a success with many entertaining acts. View slide show here. ]]> <![CDATA[ Professor Hurst Publishes "Hosanna-Tabor and the Exaggerated Decline of Separationism" ]]> Mar 7, 2013 Download BYU Law Professor Alan Hurst's forthcoming article, "Hosanna-Tabor and the Exaggerated Decline of Separationism." ]]> <![CDATA[ Professor Sarah L. Brinton Publishes "Three-Dimensional Sovereign Immunity" ]]> Mar 7, 2013 Download BYU Law Professor Sarah Brinton's forthcoming article, "Three-Dimensional Sovereign Immunity." ]]> <![CDATA[ Professor Gordon Smith Publishes "Law and Entrepreneurial Opportunities" ]]> Mar 7, 2013 Download BYU Law Professor Gordon Smith's forthcoming article, "Law and Entrepreneurial Opportunities," Cornell Law Review, Vol. 98, 2013. ]]> <![CDATA[ FBI: Running, Shooting and Prosecuting ]]> Mar 6, 2013 Special Agent Pedersen and BYU Law graduate Samantha Hunt spoke with students on legal opportunities within the FBI. ]]> <![CDATA[ Professor Baradaran featured in Utah Valley Magazine ]]> Mar 5, 2013 BYU Law Professor Shima Baradaran is featured as one of Utah County's 50 most fabulous people in the current issue of Utah Valley Magazine. ]]> <![CDATA[ BYU Law Takes First Place ]]> Mar 5, 2013 BYU Law School's National Moot Court team receives two first place honors in Las Vegas competitions. ]]> <![CDATA[ Students gain great experience in Woody Deem Competition ]]> Feb 27, 2013 In the final round of the Trial Advocacy Competition, teams defended a bar owner and the victim of a brawl between intoxicated buddies. ]]> <![CDATA[ Sex-Trafficking Advocate Speaks to Law Students ]]> Feb 27, 2013 Sex-trafficking victim advocate and Backyard Broadcast co-founder Stephanie Larsen invites law students to help spread the word against the slave trade. ]]> <![CDATA[ Woody Deem Trial Ad. Competition Winners ]]> Feb 27, 2013 The Trial Advocacy Team held the final round of the Woody Deem competition on Monday February 25. ]]> <![CDATA[ Making A Wise Decision About Law School ]]> Feb 5, 2013 BYU Law School Dean Rasband spoke to prospective law students on the intrinsic value of a legal education. ]]> <![CDATA[ Double the Major Load Double the Fun ]]> Nov 27, 2012 Second-year student Cherise Bacalski studies rhetoric as a law student and teaches it to undergraduates as a masters student. ]]> <![CDATA[ Mayor Curtis Speaks on Provo Politics ]]> Feb 15, 2013 Provo Mayor, John Curtis addressed BYU Law students on local issues for an event hosted by the Government and Politics Legal Society. ]]> <![CDATA[ BYU Law students co-author Utah Bar Journal article ]]> Feb 11, 2013 BYU Law Students, Lindsay Nash (3L) and Bradley Masters (2L) co-author an article published in Utah Bar Journal, "Justice Sutherland Endures: Sutherland's Legacy and the Affordable Care Act." ]]> <![CDATA[ Professor Jones Joins Discussion on Radio Program ]]> Feb 7, 2013 BYU Law School Professor RonNell Andersen Jones discusses the impact social media is having on jurors and journalists alike on Classical 89 Thinking Aloud Program. ]]> <![CDATA[ BYU Law Welcomes New Visiting Professors ]]> Jan 28, 2013 BYU Law School welcomes two new visiting faculty members, Professor Christine Hurt and Professor Paul Stancil. ]]> <![CDATA[ SIPLA Luncheon: Professor Roberts Sheds Light on IP Law ]]> Feb 4, 2013 Professor Roberts spoke with prospective law students on the options within law school for engineers and hard science majors. ]]> <![CDATA[ Tips and Strategies for Successful Job Searching ]]> Feb 1, 2013 MariLee Allred from the BYU Law School Career Services Office offers advice on how to job search online and use social media effectively. ]]> <![CDATA[ The BYU Law Review Symposium on Discretion & Deference ]]> Jan 30, 2013 The BYU Law School hosted the Law Review Symposium titled, "Discretion & Deference: Immigrants, Citizens, and the Law." ]]> <![CDATA[ An Instrument in His Hand: Elder Echo Hawk, His Faith and the Law ]]> Jan 30, 2013 Elder Larry Echo Hawk, former BYU Law Professor and Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Indian Affairs spoke about his journey in the law. ]]> <![CDATA[ BYU Law School Welcomes New Faculty Member Aaron Nielson ]]> Jan 29, 2013 The BYU Law School is pleased to welcome Professor Aaron Nielson as the newest full-time faculty member. ]]> <![CDATA[ Professor Steele Advises Students to Have Initiative and Devotion ]]> Jan 22, 2013 Professor Michalyn Steele shared career experiences and useful advice with students at Friday's professional development lecture. ]]> <![CDATA[ Professor Kif Augustine-Adams presents for the BYU Women's Studies Colloquim ]]> Jan 17, 2013 BYU Law Professor Kif Augustine-Adams will present a lecture at the BYU Women's Studies Colloquium, “’If in Our Country Women Could Vote…’: Female Suffrage and the Anti-Chinese Campaigns in Mexico.” ]]> <![CDATA[ Student Mentoring Program for Second and Third Year Students ]]> Jan 15, 2013 Career Services and the Alumni Association have developed a new mentoring program for all second and third year law students. ]]> <![CDATA[ Student Spotlight: Shannon Sorensen ]]> Jan 14, 2013 BYU law student, Shannon Sorensen (1L) may be five years junior to most of her classmates, but with a wealth of experience and a strong drive, she fits in just fine at the BYU Law School. ]]> <![CDATA[ Professor Baradaran quoted in NY Times ]]> Jan 7, 2013 BYU Law Professor Shima Baradaran is quoted in the NY Times article, "Christmas Ornaments, Child Labor." ]]> <![CDATA[ Professor Baradaran quoted in Christian Science Monitor ]]> Dec 21, 2012 BYU Law Professor Shima Baradaran is quoted in the Christian Science Monitor's cover story, "Jailed Without Conviction: Behind Bars for Lack of Money," by Katy Reckdahl. ]]> <![CDATA[ Professor Shima Baradaran's research is cited in SL Tribune article ]]> Dec 12, 2012 Prof. Baradaran's research is quoted in a SL Tribune article. Her study looked at 100,000 arrested individuals over 15 years and which ones committed additional crimes prior to their trial. ]]> <![CDATA[ Professor Smith Discusses the Battle Over the Meaning of Religious Freedom ]]> Dec 10, 2012 Professor Smith delivered the concluding lecture in the second Religious Freedom Discussion Series. He discussed the battle over the meaning of religious freedom. ]]> <![CDATA[ Exoneree Darryl Burton - Prison and Life After ]]> Dec 4, 2012 Darryl Burton spent 24 years in prison as an innocent man and now shares his story with BYU Law School students. ]]> <![CDATA[ Annual CSO Ugly Sweater Day ]]> Dec 4, 2012 The Career Services Office sponsored an annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Day for all faculty and students to show their style. ]]> <![CDATA[ Luncheon Held in Honor of December 2012 Graduates ]]> Nov 30, 2012 Dean James Rasband offers advice to graduating students at a luncheon held in their honor. ]]> <![CDATA[ Legal Fiction Society Hosts Student Author ]]> Nov 26, 2012 The Legal Fiction Society hosted 2L Richard Sanders as a guest speaker to discuss his writing career. ]]> <![CDATA[ Utah Supreme Court Heard Two Cases at BYU Law School ]]> Nov 16, 2012 The Utah Supreme Court presented two cases in the BYU Law School Moot Court Room for students and faculty. ]]> <![CDATA[ Same-Sex Marriage Symposium ]]> Nov 15, 2012 Professor Lynn D. Wardle helped facilitate the Same-Sex Marriage Symposium. Law professors and legal scholars from around the world came to participate. ]]> <![CDATA[ BYU Law Business Plan Competition Begins ]]> Nov 8, 2012 The Business Law Association will be hosting the law school's first Business Plan Competition and encourages students to participate. ]]> <![CDATA[ Speed Networking ]]> Nov 7, 2012 The Career Services Office pairs with the Alumni Association to bring speed networking to BYU law students. ]]> <![CDATA[ Symposium To Be Held Discussing the Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage ]]> Nov 2, 2012 Symposium on Whether Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage is Constitutionally Required will be held Friday, November 2 from 8:55 a.m. - 4:20 p.m. in room 472 of the Law School. ]]> <![CDATA[ Participants are quick on their feet at the Rex E. Lee Moot Court Competition Final ]]> Nov 2, 2012 Distinguished judges praise Moot Court competition finalists for their poise and presence. ]]> <![CDATA[ Spirit in the Law ]]> Nov 1, 2012 General Authority Emeritus Elder Marlin K. Jensen of the Seventy spoke to law students about humility and the Spirit. ]]> <![CDATA[ SBA Halloween Party 2012 ]]> Oct 30, 2012 Watch a slideshow of the annual SBA Halloween costume parade and trick-or-treating. ]]> <![CDATA[ BYU Law Professor Welch in the News ]]> Oct 24, 2012 BYU Law School Professor Welch writes article for Deseret News, "Trust and accountability still heart of U.S. politics." ]]> <![CDATA[ Dean Rasband discusses "faith to forgive grievous harms" ]]> Oct 24, 2012 BYU Law School Dean Rasband addressed the university community Tuesday in a devotional on having the faith to forgive grievous harms. ]]> <![CDATA[ Judicial Externship a Great Opportunity ]]> Oct 19, 2012 Several second-year law students shared their summer externship experience with fellow students at the Judicial Externship Brown Bag. ]]> <![CDATA[ Local CEO shares the history of Microsoft from a unique perspective ]]> Oct 17, 2012 David Bradford, BYU Law alumnus and local CEO, shared his unique perspective on how anti-trust laws impacted the growth of the computer industry. ]]> <![CDATA[ Student Bar Association 's Focus on Service ]]> Oct 16, 2012 BYU Law School's SBA is focusing on service this school year and hopes to inspires students to make service second nature. ]]> <![CDATA[ 2012 Moot Courtroom Competition ]]> Oct 15, 2012 The 2012 Moot Court Competition began on October 15 and runs through November 1. The winners will participate in the national competition. ]]> <![CDATA[ Business Insider Ranks BYU Law School in Top 50 ]]> Oct 15, 2012 Business Insider ranked BYU Law School at number 34 in "The 50 Best Law Schools in America." Read the full report here. ]]> <![CDATA[ BYU Law School Tailgate Party ]]> Oct 15, 2012 In honor of homecoming week, the BYU Law School sponsored a tailgate party for all law school students, faculty and families on Saturday October 13. See slide show here. ]]> <![CDATA[ New Web Feature ]]> Oct 13, 2012 Introducing "Glance" an annual electronic publication for students. Future editions will be available in May with highlights from the school year. ]]> <![CDATA[ International Law and Religion Symposium ]]> Oct 10, 2012 Scholars, government officials and human rights workers from around the world congregated for the opening session of the 19th Annual International Law and Religion Symposium. ]]> <![CDATA[ Women in the Law Club Hosts "Dynamic Duos: Mothers and Daughters in the Law" ]]> Oct 9, 2012 Women in the Law club event featured, "Dynamic Duos: Mothers and Daughters in the Law." ]]> <![CDATA[ Honoring the Life of Justice Sutherland, Utah's Own Supreme Court Justice ]]> Oct 3, 2012 Andrew M. Morse, partner and president from the law firm Snow, Christensen & Martineau provided students with a look into Utah's only Supreme Court justice, George Sutherland. ]]> <![CDATA[ 2012 Linda Anderson Trial Ad Competition Results ]]> Oct 2, 2012 Michelle Jeffs (2L) and Kate Knowles (2L) won the 2012 Linda G. Anderson Trial Advocacy Competition held at the BYU Law School ]]> <![CDATA[ Fashion Show is a Hit ]]> Oct 1, 2012 Law students learned the guidelines of dressing for success at the annual fashion show. "Keep it conservative" was a main theme. ]]> <![CDATA[ Professor Baradaran interviewed on radio program "Thinking Aloud" ]]> Sep 28, 2012 BYU Law Professor Shima Baradaran was interviewed on Classical 89 radio program "Thinking Aloud" about the presumption of innocence. Listen to the rebroadcast here. ]]> <![CDATA[ BYU Law School Hosts Supreme Court Review in Commemoration of Constitution Week ]]> Sep 27, 2012 BYU law faculty and Harvard alumnus discuss recent US Supreme Court decisions and share what it is like to work with judges from the highest court in the nation. ]]> <![CDATA[ National Security Expert Discusses Targeted Killing and Drone Warfare ]]> Sep 24, 2012 Greg McNeal, a national security expert, discussed targeted killing and drone warfare at the most recent Federalist Society event. ]]> <![CDATA[ Law Students Teach Kids about the Constitution ]]> Sep 24, 2012 Several law students participated in Constitution Week by teaching in Utah's public schools. ]]> <![CDATA[ Judge Thomas Griffith Speaks in BYU Devotional on the Constitution ]]> Sep 24, 2012 BYU alumni and federal Judge Thomas Griffith gave the BYU Tuesday forum, encouraging all to invest in understanding the Constitution. ]]> <![CDATA[ Four New Fellows Add to the Intellectual Vigor at BYU Law ]]> Aug 23, 2012 Four new fellows join BYU Law bringing both depth and diversity to the intellectual culture of the law school. ]]> <![CDATA[ Recent Graduate Develops Resource Handbook for Teenage Inmates and At-Risk Youth ]]> Sep 13, 2012 Recent graduate Camille Borg creates a handbook of resources for at-risk youth and the adults in their lives. As people learn about the handbook and begin to use it, the whole community will benefit. ]]> <![CDATA[ Writing is Writing is Writing ]]> Sep 13, 2012 BYU English professor and author addressed BYU law students at the Legal Fiction Society event on how to write novels and get published. ]]> <![CDATA[ Judge Poulson Speaks on Writing Legal Fiction ]]> Sep 11, 2012 The Legal Fiction Society allows students to dabble in the writing world of John Grisham and others. Attend their next event Thursday, Sept. 13 at noon in room 306. ]]> <![CDATA[ Dennis Sears receives distinguished service award ]]> Sep 6, 2012 American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) awarded Dennis Sears, senior BYU law librarian and associate director for legal research and reference, with the Daniel L. Wade Outstanding Service Award. ]]> <![CDATA[ "Like us!" ]]> Sep 6, 2012 If you are the 555th person to like our Facebook page you will receive a delicious BYU mint brownie! ]]> <![CDATA[ Professor Scharffs Lectures on HHS Mandate and Religious Freedom Issues ]]> Sep 6, 2012 BYU Law Professor Scharffs, Associate Director of the International Center for Law and Religion Studies, presented a lecture, "Accommodating Conscience: The HHS Contraception Mandate and the Problems Arising from General and Neutral Laws." ]]> <![CDATA[ Law School Opens Up the New School Year With a Bang ]]> Sep 4, 2012 Maintaining tradition at BYU Law School, the Student Bar Association kicked off the 2012-13 school year with a rousing opening social. ]]> <![CDATA[ Students search for best match at club fair ]]> Aug 31, 2012 BYU Law School Club Fair gave students a taste of the varied opportunities available outside of the classroom. ]]> <![CDATA[ Women in the Law ]]> Aug 31, 2012 BYUs Women in the Law club is dedicated to empowering women to achieve their goals in law school and beyond. Anyone interested in getting involved may attend the opening social today at 4 p.m. ]]> <![CDATA[ Religious Freedom Discusson Series ]]> Aug 28, 2012 Professor Brett G. Scharffs presents "Accommodating Conscience: The HHS Contraception Mandate and the Problems Arising from General and Neutral Laws" today at noon. ]]> <![CDATA[ Professor Jim Backman receives award from Utah State Bar ]]> Aug 28, 2012 As the co-chair of the Pro Bono Commission Planning Committee, BYU Law Prof Jim Backman helped establish a pro bono commission for the state of Utah and received an award for his outstanding service. ]]> <![CDATA[ Incoming Class of 2015 ]]> Aug 24, 2012 The J. Reuben Clark Law School is glad to welcome the incoming class of 2015. ]]>